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Contemporary Landscape Oil Paintings from 1990 to present day.

My aim in landscape painting has always been to emphasis the major elements of land, water, sunlight and sky, and to explore the interaction between them. The growing awareness of the environment as a fragile entity has only reinforced my desire to paint it. 

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Landscape oil paintings - Angus landscape and sky

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Contemporay landscape paintings of Mountains - Mountain and Cloud

For the oil painting techniques and methods used in particular paintings click on the image for more info. Most paintings have some info on the methods I used and on the background to each landscape oil painting.

Paintings of water fall - Oil - Falls at Reekie Linn
Fiery sky - oil painting - West Beach Littlehampton
Enough!, Figure painting/ Landscape, Oil on Canvas

I have an interest in applying traditional oil painting techniques to contemporary landscape painting. Like learning a language, learning the craft of painting landscape (at best) makes it easier to communicate ideas and emotion within the work.

Earth, water, fire, and air composed the world for the old alchemists. As a landscape artist Iím quite happy with this view. It makes a lot more sense than some of the explanations Iíve heard.

Paintings of Light

If, People in landscape painting/ Landscape,Oil on canvas.

I try to suggest the presence of people or to imply the presence of the observer in all my ďuninhabitedĒ landscapes. Sometimes though, there is a case for painting the figure directly into the scene.

Pilgrims Way, Oil , Landscape
Paintings of Waterfalls - Reekie Linn 2

Looking back over the history of landscape painting, itís quite funny to notice the amount of effort landscape artists have made to avoid using the colour green. Red grass, blue trees etc. If this gets into your head next time youíre in a gallery, I apologise. However, we are not, nor ever have been, colour blind.

Hereís some paintings where green is the predominant colour in the landscape.

Oil Landscape Painting - Barry Mill, Contemporary Oil Painting
Oil study, Contemporary landscape, Scotland, Waterfall by Loch Earn
Oil paintings of water - breaking wave - contemporary seascape painting

Paintings of Water. Most people are really drawn to water. It is a major element in any landscape, and in a landscape painting, whether itís an expanse of sea from a beach or the dark depths of a millpond,

In landscape paintings, water provides the artist with a great compositional tool as it reflects and merges land and sky features together. In addition, when water moves it creates its own highlights like the pure white of a waterfall in sunlight or the foam in a wave

Paintings of Water

Still Water at Reekie Linn - Oil Paintings of Water
The Millpond, outdoor tonal study of water. Contemporary landscape
Tree portrait. Oil painting of individual tree in landscape

Trees have a tremendous presence in the landscape. Some individual trees seem to have human characteristics and painting them is more like painting a portrait. Collectively, in woods or in a forest, trees have an massive effect on the perceived mood within a landscape.

Paintings of Trees


Painting of orchard - Orchard at Barry  trees in landscape
Glenshee, Oil , Mountain Landscape Painting.
Pirntaton contemporary oil landscape painting

Mountains have to be the most dominant feature in the landscape and in landscape art they appear with iconic status again and again. Itís impossible not to be drawn to their sheer presence. 

Paintings of Mountains

Paintings of mountains - Quinag, Sutherland, oil on canvas Oil sketch from mountains - Cairn o'mount contemporary oil painting

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James Thomson Architect - Mural of Dundee Waterfront

Mural painting


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