Old Oak Tree at Normans Law

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Old Oak Tree at Normans Law Fife. Oil landscape painting of trees

Old Oak Tree at Norman’s Law  45x60cms. (Approx 18x24ins.)  Oil on Canvas                                                         950  

A small oak tree knitted into the hillside near Norman’s Law in Fife, Scotland. Typical of the small isolated oaks that remain as testament to the original Caledonian Forest which in ancient times covered most of Scotland. Looking over Fife to the North Sea in the far distance.

Detail of above  Tree branches partly defined by painting “sky” between them and then selectively highlighting with thick oil paint. Groups of trees in the distance are much more loosely painted.

Old Oak Tree at Normans Law Fife. Detail. Oil landscape painting of trees

Detail 2. I really, really enjoyed painting these trees and finding I could defiine the trunks simply by scraping the palette knife into wet paint.

Old Oak Tree at Normans Law Fife. Detail. Method of painting tree trunks.